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Solent Galley 'Rosemary' is back in the water (Despite the temperature)

Work started today on the refurbishment of the club's new (vintage) Solent Galley race boat.

This classic boat is over 60 years old and is the type that still holds the round the Island record for a 'fixed seat' rowing boat!

It is hoped that she will back in the water this spring.

Race Boat

Members of Yarmouth Gig club had great fun challenging local kids and adults to out-row each other on a rowing machine on the morning of January 30th.

Many people attended the annual Farmhouse Breakfast event at West Wight Sports and Community Centre that highlights both the ideals of fitness and good food that was provided by local suppliers and farmers.

Lots were keen to see how far they could row in just 4 minutes and were surprised how hard this type of sprint challenge can be! The gig crew present were very impressed with the effort and enthusiasm demonstrated by all, but especially with several of the 12 years and under children, who showed unexpected levels of natural talent and determination!

Many thanks to the Sports Centre and Buttercup dairy for providing prizes for the winners.

Breakfast Row

We are very happy to announce that Yarmouth Gig Rowing Club has been accepted as an official user of the Community Hall of Yarmouth & District (CHOYD).

As well as being a base for meeting, fundraising events and training, the location of this institution within the heart of Yarmouth will allow the rowing club superb access to the harbour and It is hoped that such a symbiotic relationship with this newly established community organisation will be of equal benefit to the growth of CHOYD

Community Spirit

Thanks to the kind generosity of two of our members, the club now has permanent use of the 60 year old Solent Galley that has been on hire from Newport Rowing Club for the last year. This is a great boat for both training and competition and is one of only 6 of its type still in existence!

We still need to raise enough funds to buy a Gig, but the Galley is a fantastic way of keeping us afloat and competitive.

We have a boat (but we still need another)

Yarmouth Gig Rowing Club has been unanimously accepted as a member of the Cornish Pilot Gig Association!

This is a significant achievement and opens up many previously inaccessible avenues for the long term funding and future of the club. We can also now look for support from British Rowing, who aim to substantially increase the accessibility and profile of Gig rowing throughout the UK.

Many thanks to all of you that have taken on important roles, formulated the constitution and designed the way forward for us all.Special thanks for John Derry-Collins for traveling to the West Country as our official representative and making lots of interesting contacts that even include an invitation to race in Holland!!

Well Done all!

Cornish Pilot Gig Association accepts YGRC membership

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