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Events we Plan to Enter - 2024

11th May - Hamble River Raid

7-mile endurance race

Multiple boat types, gigs kayaks dragons etc.

Mens, womens and mixed crews

Vets 50+, supervets 60 +

Start & finish in the same place

Hamble Pic.jpg

8th/9th June - Bembridge Gig Fest

Saturday - 2k straight course

Standing start, side by side racing!

Sunday evening - live music and food

Sunday round St Helens fort, sequential running starts

All clubs welcome. Apply here


15th June - Cockleshells, Eastney

Chiefly gigs, Burlesdon and galleys

Turn round Horse Sand fort


Start/ finish ECA Eastney
9-mile kite shape course

Cockleshells Pic.jpg

20th July - Langstone Regatta - Northney Marina

1.3-mile triangular buoyed course

Gigs, Burlesdon galleys Celtics and more


21st July - Round Hayling Race

13-mile course around Hayling Island

9-mile short course round Mulberry if conditions poor

Start/ finish at Northney

Gigs, Burlesdon,  Galleys, Celtics etc.


3rd August - Tudor Challenge

A 10+ mile rowing race for fixed seat craft held in the beautiful water of Langstone Harbour


21st September - Great River Race – London

Start at Millwall, finish at Ham

21.6-mile course under 28 bridges

All kinds of fixed seat boats, many crews in fancy dress

More than 200 crews

A wonderful day on the water

GRR Pic.jpg
GRR Pic2.jpg

Come and Join Us - Click Here

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